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What is Success?

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MoneyI received a thought-provoking e-mail from a guy who claimed he was following his passion by being a professional gambler. As a result, he had incurred a backbreaking debt for himself. He asked me if he had wasted his time and should he do something else.

I told him that if we accept the concept that everyone has a purpose in life, then I could not imagine anyone being put on this earth for the purpose of being a professional gambler. A purpose in life (or calling) has to be evolutionary. Otherwise, what’s the point? Through your calling, you make a contribution to yourself, your society and your environment. Gambling, on the other hand, is devoid of any redeeming value. At best, it is a zero sum game because with every winner there is a loser. I suggested that he find something that is win-win-win-win. In other words, do something where he wins, the customer wins, the community wins, and the environment wins.

In my response to this man, I opined that doing something where the sole motivating focus is acquiring money is not the formula for success and, in fact, is a waste of life. He tried to defend himself by saying his focus was not on money per se and that he only wanted the money for the freedom and comfort that it would bring. (Frankly, I didn’t see how that view was any different from how everyone else in the world views money.)

Unfortunately, most people view success in terms of money and what it can buy. But to me that is an inadequate characterization of success. If we look deeply into money, we can’t help but see that it is a fraud. Money is an illusion. Governments have declared money to have value. And we all go along with it. But let’s face it, the emperor has no clothes. Even the agreed upon value of money is eroding over time. The air is being let out of the balloon and the dollar is worth less and less each day. The trend is toward it being worth nothing.

Besides, even if we agree to go along with the pretense that money has value, no matter who we are, we never seem to be satisfied with how much money we have. People who have more money than God try to get richer. Why? Beats me. They have multiples more than they could ever spend in their lifetimes yet they want more.

Money is intrinsically unsatisfying, probably because it cannot buy the most valuable things in life – health, friendship, love, a fantastic golf shot, etc. Therefore, I, by fiat, am declaring that success shall hence forth be defined without using money as a measuring rod.

True success will now be defined in terms of fulfillment. If you are experiencing joy while doing what you are doing, you are successful. If your activity is making a meaningful contribution to society and the environment, you are successful. If you are reveling in a progressive collaboration, you are successful. If your intelligence and creativity are being challenged and are growing, you are successful. If you are giving people value, you are successful. If you are happy in the doing, then, with each step, you arrive. Why? Because you are already there.

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  1. Komentar happywijayanto pada Desember 8th, 2008 at 18:10

    bagus juga kata-katanya, walaupun sedikit gak ngerti bahasa inggris, tapi akhirnya sukses juga buat paham dan memahaminya ….
    sukses bukan terletak pada hasil akhir, tapi proses … kira-kira begitu 😀


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